Rules & Regulations

For the 2020 season MAPS will continue to be governed by the rules for indoor percussion as set forth by Winter Guard International (WGI). There are some specific items we will address below, but in order to properly understand the policies and procedures for compliant competition regarding boundaries, timing, show content, etc., you will need to consult the 2020 WGI rule book which will be provided to you upon MAPS receiving your payment for the season. This is also available from WGI on their website at or by calling them at 937- 434-7100.

Specific to MAPS:

Scholastic groups must attend at least 3 of the 5 regular season events and Prelims to qualify for Championships.


Independent groups must attend at least 2 of 5 regular season events, one of which can be the WGI Regional. Independent groups are not required to participate in prelims in order to participate in finals.


In the event that you have to pull out of a show you are already scheduled to compete at, you will need to advise MAPS, (not the show sponsor), no less than 14 days prior to the event. If notice is not given in this time frame, a $75 penalty will be assessed. This fee must be received before the unit will be allowed to compete in any further MAPS events.


In the event of inclimate weather, please consult this website and there will be instructions and information regarding the contest. If the website is unavailable to you please call 215-840-0816. Events will only be canceled if travel in and out of the host's area is deemed unsafe. 


You will receive an information packet from each show sponsor at least one week in advance of the show date. This will contain info. on performance times, warm-up areas, a map of the host site, directions to get there, etc. There will be a MAPS approved area for prop storage and warm-up for your group. MAPS, nor the host, will be responsible if your props or other equipment do not fit through standard doors and hallways. All center door bars will be removed where necessary. All reasonable preparations will be made to best accommodate your group's size and spatial requirements.


Your ensemble will receive 10 staff passes when we have received your registration along with your fees for the season. These 10 passes are to be used by your staff members and support personnel for the entire season. The 10 people that you assign these passes to will be permitted free access to the event at the spectator entrance and performer entrance.


The floor of our contest sponsor will be viewed during and after each performance to ensure that no damage has occurred. In the event of damage occurring to the floor by result of your group's actions, MAPS and the sponsor intend to explain fully how, when and why it happened. We do this to protect our sponsor and to ensure that blame is not placed falsely on another ensemble. We certainly hope this will not happen, but if it does, the sponsor will be put into contact with the director of the ensemble and will advise what restitution is necessary to correct or repair the damage. To avoid the above, all equipment will be reviewed upon entering the contest floor to be sure it is padded and/or taped to prevent damage to the floor.


The classes used by MAPS are the same as those used by WGI with the following exceptions:


MAPS offers Standstill classes. These are for those units that utilize typical marching band style percussion instruments and arrangements (including pit percussion) and for one reason or another cannot, or choose not, to include the typical movement portion of the indoor drumline activity. All levels from the very beginner stage to advanced stage will be welcome to now participate in MAPS in these new classes. We can accommodate Middle schools, those of you who can't get gym time, or aren't ready yet for a full-blown program due to lack of staff, or you're just starting out. Whatever the case may be, if you want your percussionists to get better, to keep performing, and to have a quality place to do it, MAPS is the place!

In addition, we have a Regional "A" class. This is a place where beginner groups, junior high or elementary groups, and those not yet ready to demonstrate "basic" skills can compete. It is only offered in the Marching & Standstill categories and not the concert.


It is up to the director to indicate during registration which class your ensemble will be competing in.


If there are to be class changes made during the season we will follow the WGI method of re-classification. In the event that you compete in WGI as well as MAPS and get reclassified there, you will also be re-classified in the same manner at MAPS. 

Wissahickon Wissahickon - 2012

It is expected that all staffs, parents and performers from a given group will behave in an appropriate manner at the MAPS events. In the event that there is an issue regarding unsportsmanlike, or inappropriate behavior, a MAPS representative and the show sponsor will be advised and will decide the appropriate action to be taken. We strive to provide a professional educational environment for our performers and intend to see that this intent is upheld to the fullest.

      2020 SHOW SCHEDULE 



February 15

Old Bridge 3:00


February 22

Hatboro-Horsham 4:00 


February 29

Downingtown East 3:00


March 7

Unionville 4:00


March 14&15

WGI Regional- Toms River


March 21

Perkiomen Valley 1:00


March 28- Prelims, I&E

Spring Ford 12:00


April 4- Finals

Coatesville 1:00


Times are tentative and may be adjusted based on unit registrations.