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Parkland Parkland - 2012

Annual Membership Fee: 
There is a $35 Annual Membership Fee. All units must pay this fee in addition to the options they choose below to participate in the season. You will receive a WGI rulebook as part of your membership. This will also include 10 staff passes for your instructors and parent support personnel and pay for access to Competition Suite for judges commentary.


Option 1 - "All Access": 
This is a full season membership fee of $500 which will entitle your ensemble to perform at any and all MAPS events for that season, including Championship Prelims and Finals. Don't forget to add the $35 Annual Membership Fee. (The All Access option is a savings of $300 over paying for each event.) 


Option 2 - "Each Event"

: This method is a charge to enter each individual event. The cost is $100 per regular season event, and $300 for Championship Prelims and Finals. Your unit will have to pay the total amount for all shows you plan to attend plus the $35 Annual Membership Fee.  Independent units that are unable to attend the required shows to be elligible to compete at Championships may perform a Judged Exibition at Finals.  Cost = $150 + $35 Annual Membership Fee.


If you plan to attend the minimum of three regular season shows to be elligible for Championships then Option 1 - "All Access" is your best buy.


You must attend at least 3 of the 6 regular season events and Prelims to qualify for Championships.


Fill out and submit the online registration form below. All payments are due by January 15th. On time payments will insure use of the date of this registration for performance order throughout the season. If  payment is not received by the due date, this registration will be void. You may choose to mail your payment to MAPS or pay by credit card today.

  • You must click SUBMIT above before moving on to either payment method.
  • Before proceeding, scroll to the top of the form to view possible error message. Information will not register if required items are omitted.
  • Within one week you will receive a confirmation of your registration via email.



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