2021 Virtual Season Classification



At MAPS we align ourselves with WGI whenever possible. Our method of judging is the WGI adjudication system, and two divisions are also the same as WGI. We strive to offer relative scores to that which your ensemble could achieve on a national WGI scale. While contest dynamics can affect overall scores greatly, the ranges and box criteria for the MAPS classes that are also offered in WGI are identical. Any movement between classes during the season will be done in accordance with WGI rules.  


If you need further assistance please reach out to us and we will be glad to help! tom@mapsdrumlines.org




Independent-  usually community based, self-funded and a privately run organization.


Scholastic-  Groups whose total memberships are students from the same school, schools that feed into that school, or home-schooled students that reside within the district boundaries. Note: For this virtual season, "combined schools" approved for the 2020 WGI season will be allowed to compete, but no new combined school will be permitted.   





CONCERT (Independent and Scholastic


* marching or orchestral instrumentation

* visual programs will not be adjuducated or rewarded


REGIONAL A = Beginning Skills

A = Basic Skills

                         OPEN = Intermediate Skills

                         WORLD = Advanced Skills


Adobe Acrobat document [107.9 KB]
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MARCHING (Independent and Scholastic) 



* marching instrumentation

* a visual program is required and rewarded

* members must be of middle school/junior high age

* Regional A sheets, more lenient tolerance by the judges 



                          REGIONAL A = Beginning Skills

                          * functions identically to the A, Open and World classes in terms of the captions being judged. 

                          * Criteria and numerical reward for achievement is adjusted to support younger, less                                                    experienced performers and staffs. 



                          A = Basic Skills

                          OPEN = Intermediate Skills

                          WORLD = Advanced Skills


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Click the link below for an overview of this special class designed specifically for this virtual season. 



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